"ॐ तत्पुरुषाय विद्ध्महे महादेवाय धिमाही तन्नो रूद्र: प्रचोदयात!!!"

Bhojpur Shiv Temple , Bhopal ( M.P.)

Bhojpur Shiv Temple , Bhopal ( M.P.)

Bhojpur Temple in Located at Hills from 32 Kilometer from Capital of Madhya Pradesh. Its Not completed its unfinished contruted . The Temple also Known as Bhojeshwar Temple.

The Temple Build by The Famous King of Parmar Vansha RAJA BHOJ in (1010-1055 Isvi Sanvat) .The Temple is very good example of Engineering.Temple Have many Amazing Features.

* Huge Shivalanga 
(World Tallest Shivalanga) :-
The Temple have Huge Shivalinga and its world Tallest Shivalinga.and made by huge same stone. Shivaling Entire Length is 5.5 Meters (18 Feet ), Beas 2.3 Meter (7.5 Feet), and Only Linga's Lenth is 3.85 Meters (12 Feet) 

* Earthen Slop Ramp on Back side of Temple :-
The Slop Ramp is best example of Engineering .The Slop ramp in use for Temple construction for Temple and for Carry huge rock and constructions material. 

*  Unfinished constructions :-
The Temple construction is uncomplicated. No any strong reason behind this but and stories says. The Temple to be built in one night but they not completion of Roof till morning. 

* Round Roof Top :-
Temple have round shape roof top.The Temple was built before arrival of Muslim .This is the Example that round roof top is invented by us.

* Pillars of Temple :-
The Temple's Uncompleted Roof balanced on these four pillars . Height of Pillars in 40 Feets.

The annul fair is held on Twin is a Year at The Temple.First on Makar Sankranti and the Second on MAHASHIVRATRI. Many People come to visit the Famous Fair from All over the India.On MAHASHIVRATRI  Held for 03 Days  Bhojpur Mahotsav. 

On the West side of Temple a caves is Called Parvati Gufa. and Also an Uncompleted Jain temple is there. In jain Temple 06 meters Tall Jain Bhagwan Shantinath and 02 other Parshavnath and Suparasnath statue is there. and on Shilalekh name written of RAJA BHOG. The Shilalekh in Only epigraphic  evidence of  RAJA BHOG.


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